The 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Construction include transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over-processing, defects, & skills (underutilized talent). Learn more from our various blogs on the subject of the 8 Forms of Waste by the Lean experts at

8 Forms of Waste in Lean Construction

What are the 8 Forms of Waste in Lean Construction?

1. Transportation
2. Inventory
3. Motion
4. Waiting
5. Over Production
6. Over Processing
7. Defects
8. Skills (Underutilized Talent)

Lean Construction

Lean Construction and Unused Employee Genius

Shortly after I was introduced to the concept of Lean Construction, I read the book Two Second Lean by Paul Akers and learned about what he called the 8 forms of waste. These were all straightforward concepts that I could relate to my industry, and I saw right away that there were ways I could improve my projects by reducing these types of waste.

There was one exception however: unused employee genius.