The Lean Builder Audio Book


For those of you construction professionals on the go, we’ve created an audio version of our book. We’ve partnered with Awesound for the digital delivery of this audiobook. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email and text message from Awesound with access details to start listening. Listen directly from your computer, mobile device, or favorite streaming service. The total narrated length is 4 hours and 23 minutes and follows the structure of the book.

Sam Brooks, a young superintendent with ProCon Builders, has been given responsibility for the largest and most complicated project of his career. He struggles with all of the common difficulties in construction — lack of communication, coordination issues, and other kinds of wasteful occurrences that rob his project of time and money, while leaving him and his team frustrated and overworked. Luckily, his friend, mentor, and co-worker, Alan Phillips, brings the benefit of his experience and his knowledge of Lean Construction tools and processes to help Sam learn valuable skills for improving the operation of his project. Together, Sam and Alan discuss the merits and explore the practical applications of:

#1 – Daily Huddles
#2 – Visual Communication
#3 – The Eight Wastes (through the lens of a construction project)
#4 – Constraint Management
#5 – Pull Planning
#6 – Last Planner System and Look-Ahead
#7 – Root Cause Analysis through Percent Plan Complete (PPC)

FREE SAMPLE: Listen to an excerpt from Chapter 2 on Visual Communication.



Shingo Institute Publication Award

The Shingo Institute—a program in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University—is home of the Shingo Prize, an award that recognizes organizations that demonstrate an exceptional culture that fosters continuous improvement. Part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, the Shingo Institute is named after Japanese industrial engineer and Toyota adviser, Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems, and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Production System. The Shingo Publication Award recognizes and promotes writing that has had a significant impact and advances the body of knowledge regarding organizational excellence.