The Lean Builder Workshops teach a version of “Builder’s Lean” that will allow you to make immediate changes and transform your projects.

​The Lean Builder Workshop | One Day, Private Events Hosted at Your Location

Starting with WHY and ending with HOW, we provide a holistic understanding of Lean’s benefits. Then we simplify and clearly articulate the benefits of seven primary Lean concepts, and teach them in a highly-relatable, immediately-applicable, and field-friendly manner. You’ll walk away with an easy-to-follow blueprint and implementation plan to lead your team and dramatically improve your project delivery process through:

  1. Huddles
  2. Visual Communication
  3. The Eight Wastes (through the lens of a construction project)
  4. Constraint Management
  5. Pull Planning
  6. Last Planner System and Look-Ahead
  7. Root Cause Analysis through Percent Plan Complete (PPC)

The Lean Builder Workshops provide relevancy, fill in the blanks, and offer the help you’ll need to make Lean implementation easier to understand and accomplish.

In the face of pressing project deadlines and heavily competing priorities, the addition of unfamiliar Lean Construction processes or tools can feel intimidating, overwhelming, and easy to ignore in favor of what’s already known and comfortable. Because we are builders as well as operations-based Lean practitioners, we understand what you’re up against. We have created The Lean Builder Workshops with you in mind: the “boots on the ground.”

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Keyan Zandy
Chief Executive Officer, Skiles Group

Joe Donarumo, co-author of The Lean Builder Book

Joe Donarumo
Vice President, Field Operations

Quick Facts

  • Private event for your team, trade partners, peers
  • In person format at your location
  • Up to 55 students per session

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