Henry Nutt serves as the Preconstruction Executive for Southland Industries, after serving as the Sheet Metal General Superintendent for over 12 years. He has been a member of Local 104 Sheet Metal Workers in Northern California since 1987. He currently sits on the Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) Board of Directors and is Chair for the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, which he has served on since its inception in 2016. He also sits on AGC’s CA DEI Steering Committee. Henry has helped develop initiatives designed to support, educate, and promote a diverse and inclusive culture for AGC member companies while being on both committees. His approach to the complexity of the current climate is one of calm, courage, and commitment. Henry is a consistent voice of reason even in the worst of times and is not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations that have the potential to bring about positive change. He is the author of a 2022 book called, Seven Principles: Creating Your Success in the Construction Industry, which is designed to help the new-to-the-industry folks successfully navigate through their journey and bring impactful awareness to the more seasoned veterans. Henry is incoming Chair for Lean Construction Institute’s (LCI) Board of Directors. He leads a task force designed to encourage the adoption of Lean practices for trade partners, through the development of a website called the Daily Huddle. In 2018, Henry was the recipient of the prestigious LCI Pioneer Award. He resides in Northern California with his family.

Team Collaboration - The Power of a Collaborative Team

The Power of a Collaborative Team

Perhaps it’s not always about public speaking, but it’s certainly about speaking up more, taking more initiative, or simply not allowing ourselves or our teammates to fall prey to the common B.S., which has the propensity to rule our days and weeks. We’ve all been there, done that. It’s no fun and at some point, we recognize it’s not only a waste of time and money, but it drains us of our ability to be innovative, proactive and focus on the most important aspects of our positions, which is to provide leadership.