Keyan is a longtime Lean enthusiast and advocate with a curiosity for how Lean processes and tools can improve teambuilding and teamwork in construction. As Skiles Group’s CEO, Keyan is responsible for driving corporate growth and guiding the company’s strategic direction while maintaining a dual focus on client service and nurturing a progressive company culture. With an emphasis on technological advancement, continuous improvement, and innovation in construction, Keyan shepherds the firm’s commitment to improving project delivery processes via Lean Construction and Lean project planning initiatives. He is the co-author of The Lean Builder: A Builder’s Guide to Applying Lean Tools in the Field, which simplifies and clearly articulates the benefits of seven primary Lean concepts, and delivers them in a highly-relatable, immediately-applicable, and field-friendly manner. Keyan also serves as Chairman for Smart Safety, an award-winning crisis management communication and emergency response tool.

Daily Huddle Best Practices - COVID-19 Protocol

The Daily Huddle – COVID-19 Protocol

It can be tempting to abandon Lean on our projects during this unusual time or feel like it’s not possible to consistently maintain our typical practices when so much has become different. But these are exactly the kinds of events that Lean is built for. Our responsibilities on our projects and with our teams have greatly increased, and so have the constraints that are working against us

Daily Huddle Questions - Why Huddle?

The Daily Huddle – Why Huddle?

There was something that felt more “team” about arranging our meetings this way and, as the years passed, I continuously sought out more ways to continue to nurture that atmosphere. Eventually, I evolved past those weekly, protracted subcontractor meetings to a daily huddle. If you are wondering “why huddle?” here are a few reasons…

Pull Planning Tips

4 Helpful hints before you Pull Plan

I’ve had plenty of bad pull plan experiences over the years. Pull plans that lasted for hour and hours, pull plans that had critical trades missing, pull plans where we ran out of sticky notes. The list goes on and on. But even through all that, team members gained value from the process, and so did I. Through the lessons we have learned, below is a list of what you can do before you pull plan to make sure your pull has a better chance of running smoothly.

Team Building and Collaboration

Your Electrician has a name, and it’s not Sparky.

Years ago, I was having a conversation with a project superintendent who was frustrated with the last planner system. He complained that his trades were not wanting to come to the daily huddles or pull plan sessions, and when they attended, they offered little to no input.  He felt strongly that the problem was we didn’t have this activity noted in their contracts and if we added the stipulation in the future that they would attend. I wasn’t so sure, so I asked to attend a huddle to see for myself.