This week we debut The Lean Builder’s official podcast, “Hoots on the Ground,” with our host Adam Hoots.

In this episode, The Lean Builder creators Keyan Zandy & Joe Donarumo introduce the podcast series, goals, format, and host Adam Hoots.

While there are several great podcasts in our industry out there already, Hoots on the Ground is unique as it’s focused on the builders on the job site. It’s looking at how we can all own our impact, learn and think, and move the industry forward. It’s about creating feedback loops, dashboards, and field-verified approaches. It’s “no bullshido” – as Adam likes to say and shamelessly borrows that phrase from Davie Thomson.

A free-flowing conversational podcast, we’re bringing in guests who are evangelists, practitioners, and even skeptics of Lean Construction. Yep, we’re even planning on interviewing people who don’t believe in the “L” word or had a bad experience.

Our trio shares some war stories about their past work with 70-day-straight projects, crazy deadlines, and firefighting. Then, we shift the stories to how we can change that dynamic, promote more work-life balance, and make construction faster, easier, and better for all the people involved.

This episode takes a dive into Adam’s background, so our listeners can get to know him and why he was selected to champion our first podcast series. You’ll quickly see his personality and knowledge jump out; we could think of no better brand ambassador and podcast host to lead us into this effort.

Adam’s been around the construction industry since birth – literally; his dad was a senior superintendent. And for the past 20 years, Adam has worked for construction management firms as an operations leader and project manager. He currently serves as the Lean Shepherd for Construction ACHE Solutions in Greenville, South Carolina.

Come with an open mind and growth mindset. Be ready to learn and think, to be uncomfortable and encouraged, and to drive yourself and your teams forward.

We invite to listen in weekly and be part of the movement.


The Lean Builder’s absolutely, positively NO bullshido podcast. Join Host Adam Hoots and his guests as they dig deep into the topics that are relevant to those of us who “get it”: the men and women with the dirty boots, the ones who work in the field, doing the hands-on business of construction each day. Listen in as we keep it real while stories from the trenches are shared along with lessons learned and some laughter along the way.



Adam began his career in the construction industry as a plumber's helper and then as a red-line architect’s helper while attending the University of South Florida. Over the past 20 years, he has steadily advanced his career and has held a variety of roles within the industry. Adam has successfully completed more than $1.5 billion in pre-construction and construction services for a diverse group of industries, including: healthcare, higher education, industrial, life science, retail, and hospitality. Most projects (~$1B) were in life sciences and high-tech laboratory construction for clients. A highly technical builder, Adam excels in efficiency, action, visual communication, and continuous improvement using Lean principles. He serves on several community boards, including Skilled Trades Alliance (, kidSney (, National Kidney Foundation (, RECAB (Regional Education Center for Advisory Board - Greenville, SC) and SC Career Kids ( Adam is proud to continue his service to the construction industry through his coaching business Construction ACHE Solutions.

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