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Welcome to “Hoots on the Ground” with Adam Hoots—The Lean Builder’s absolutely, positively NO bullshido Lean Construction podcast. Join Adam and his guests as they dig deep into the topics that are relevant to those of us who “get it”: the men and women with the dirty boots; the ones who work in the field, doing the hands-on business of construction each day. Listen in as we keep it real while stories from the trenches are shared along with lessons learned, and some laughter along the way.

In Podcast Episode 8, Hoots Discusses Predictive Trust and Vulnerability Based Trust & More

Episode 8: Hoots Solo Podcast on Trust

In this episode, Hoots on The Ground talks about trust and the book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, where trust is the foundation of all things for a team. Once a solid basis of trust is established, then we can begin to have healthy conflict. With healthy conflict will come commitments that we will all be able to hold one another accountable for results!