Last Planner System is project management system used in Lean construction to streamline production and to assure projects are completed on time.

In our Last Planner System category, you’ll find educational blogs designed to help you master this system using first-hand experiences of Lean Construction experts throughout the industry.

Last Planner System Implementation in Construction

Last Planner System Implementation in Construction

Last Planner System implementation in construction can be incredibly challenging. That is why Lean expert and author Keyan Zandy recommends that construction teams start small with Lean implementation instead of trying to take on too much too soon. In this piece, Keyan explains how the Daily Huddle is a great first step in the Last Planner System implementation in construction.

Lean Implementation - Make It Stick!

Lean Implementation – 4 Steps for Implementing Builder’s Lean

As field-focused Lean practitioners, Joe and I are often asked for our thoughts around the most effective way to implement Lean methodologies on a construction project. Here’s a quick “how-to,” outlining the benefits of Lean Construction tools and processes, with an emphasis on their practical application to improve communication and workflow.