The openness and transparency that went into the content of the book highlights the authors’ drive for a better industry!

Rebecca SnellingOwner, RS Consulting
2018 Lean Construction Institute Chairman Award Winner

The Lean Builder puts the focus where I believe Lean practices have the biggest impact: with the men and women who do the work.

Greg StedmanLean Director, KHS&S Contractors

This is a book that should be read by anybody who sees Lean as too challenging to attempt, and even those who have tried it before and failed. It will correct misperceptions and inspire people to try something new. Hand it out to your project teams and watch the light bulbs come on!

Dan C. HeinemeierExecutive Director
Lean Construction Institute

As a guy who loves to spend time in trailers with the real teams, I can’t wait to share this work with the dedicated men and women who actually build our projects. Thank you, Joe and Keyan!

Dick BayerVP, Lean & IPD, Colliers Project Leaders
2013 Lean Construction Institute Chairman Award Winner