Texas A&M is somewhat isolated geographically so I am often unable to invite my students to visit an actual job site where lean is being implemented. Because of this, I have focused during the past few years on helping them build an understanding of lean theory. Although I have always shown photos of implementation of actual lean projects in class, the book is giving them a realistic understanding of the underpinnings of the types of management struggles they will likely face after graduation—and how lean tools can help them solve these challenges, even as young project managers.

One of my more experienced students immediately wrote me an email after having read the book, and excitedly thanked me for assigning the book in class. Thanks for making the book happen. It’s a great gift for new project managers—as well as for college-level educators of lean.

Zofia K. Rybkowski, PhDAssociate Professor, Texas A&M University

I have known Keyan for some time and have always appreciated his passion for the construction industry, especially for Lean construction. When The Lean Builder came out, I had the opportunity to connect with Joe and was equally impressed with his passion for Lean. I commend both Joe and Keyan for their endeavor at bringing critical concepts of Lean Construction within the grasp of everyone.

This book is far away from the technical jargons that are common in most literature and explains complex concepts and processes through a story telling manner. I am using part of the book in my Lean course to explain daily huddles and pull planning to my students. I believe The Lean Builder can make a beginner curious about Lean, and those who are already using Lean can use it as a tool to spread the knowledge among others.

Somik Ghosh, Ph.DAssociate Professor of Construction Science The University of Oklahoma

Written for those who roll up their sleeves and do the work as craft professionals, foremen, and superintendents, The Lean Builder is a must-read for anyone new to Lean Construction, and certainly those professionals working in the field.

Michael F. StarkVice President, Knowledge Programs & Building Markets
Associated General Contractors of America

I hope The Lean Builder inspires current and future builders by empowering the people closest to the work to improve the work.

Bevan MaceVP, National Operations and Lean, Balfour Beatty
2017 Lean Construction Institute Chairman Award Winner

Your job is simple: read this book. Then, get others to read this book. Together, we will transform the industry!

Romano NickersonPrincipal, Boulder Associates Architects
2014 Lean Construction Institute Chairman Award Winner

The Lean Builder is something worthy of our time—at least, for those builders who are fed up with the B.S. of our traditional construction methods.

Henry Nutt, IIISheetmetal General Superintendent, Southland Industries
2018 Lean Construction Institute Pioneer Award Winner

This book’s easy to read and rich content has emphasized the real value of Lean application for the builder. A must-read for anyone who wants to take their implementation game to the next level.

Mark LinenbergerSr. Vice President/General Manager
Linbeck Group

The openness and transparency that went into the content of the book highlights the authors’ drive for a better industry!

Rebecca SnellingVice President & National Lean Director, JE Dunn Construction
2018 Lean Construction Institute Chairman Award Winner

The Lean Builder puts the focus where I believe Lean practices have the biggest impact: with the men and women who do the work.

Greg StedmanLean Director, KHSS Contractors

This is a book that should be read by anybody who sees Lean as too challenging to attempt, and even those who have tried it before and failed. It will correct misperceptions and inspire people to try something new. Hand it out to your project teams and watch the light bulbs come on!

Dan C. HeinemeierExecutive Director
Lean Construction Institute