“As Lean Construction evolves and grows in our industry, a digital solution will accelerate continuous improvement and unify teams around a common tool – accessible in everyone’s pocket. Bosch RefinemySite provides that solution to help construction teams in the field.”

Keyan Zandy, CEO, Skiles Group

“Although we’ve only been using RefinemySite for a short time, it’s already starting to make a difference with our pull planning. It’s a very visual program that helps keep us on track and working toward project milestones. We also like how it helps facilitate collaboration among our project team and partners. We’ve been searching for a solution like RefinemySite for several years now, and even after only a few short weeks of using it, it’s beginning to make a difference with our pull planning. It’s very visual, which makes it easy to track tasks and milestones, and it helps enhance collaboration among our project team and partners.”

Michael Poole, Sr Continuous Improvement Manager | Lean, Barton Malow

“Bosch’s RefinemySite takes pull planning to the next level, turning notes on a wall into coordinated virtual scheduling. This software is easy to use and read, and it has become a go-to reference for our direct project team along with our subcontractors.”

CG Schmidt - Your Trusted Building Partner
Erin N. Murphy, Project Manager, CG Schmidt

“We’ve looked at three other digital scheduling platforms and none compares to the straightforward approach RefinemySite takes. From milestone planning all the way down to daily tasks…this program gives every general contractor and their trade partners meaningful collaboration, accountability, and KPIs.”

FPi Builders, LLC
Steve Turner, Superintendent, FPI Builders, LLC