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Optimize team collaboration, transparency, and visibility with your project information, available anytime and anywhere with construction collaboration software RefinemySite by Bosch.

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If you’re like us, at some point you’ll want to know what digital tools might simplify the work of last planners while helping them to be better planners and builders. While the effort required by the Last Planner System® produces fewer coordination conflicts and reduces other wastes, the Lean mindset is centered around continuous improvement: always looking for ways to improve how all work is done.

Construction Collaboration Software

RefinemySite by Bosch is a digital Last Planner System construction collaboration software platform that addresses many of the challenges with the “sticky note approach” to managing Look-Ahead Planning, Weekly Work Planning, Daily Huddles, and Percent Plan Complete learning. It’s also a tool that can be used to document your Master and Phase planning sessions. It’s intuitive and easy to use. The field and project management team members enter the pull plan into RefinemySite (and this can be done quickly, even during the pull planning meeting) so last planners have the completed plan that same day.

Bosch RefinemySite is a cloud-based construction collaboration software platform that applies Lean principles to enable your entire team from manager to trade contractors to plan, communicate, document, collaborate, and execute in real time. It’s the digital tool that works in tandem with your Last Planner System process and puts it all together in one simple, collaborative ecosystem.

What Builders Are Saying

The Last Planner System® Process:



Collaboration Meeting


Milestone & Master Schedule



Phase Planning for Construction


Workflow schedule, collaborative planning, focus on handoffs



Look Ahead Takt Planning


Make ready Look-Ahead Plan, identify constraints



Construction Task Planning


Weekly work plan and reliable promising



Daily Task Checklist


Daily huddle meetings, daily coordination



Daily Task Checklist


Rapid learning, Percent Plan Complete, and variance review


Construction Daily Huddle Software

Benefits of going digital:

  • Clearly document the agreed upon plan.

  • Ability to widely circulate the plan to all project stakeholders.

  • Quickly duplicate similar task sequences repeated throughout project.

As needed:

  • Establish promise of project
  • Define milestones
  • Master schedule
  • Workflow schedule
  • Focus on handoffs
  • Collaboratively build plan
  • Define deliverables and requirements


Bosch RefinemySite Last Planner System Software

Benefits of going digital:

  • Easier to identify and see tasks with open constraints.

  • Constraints managed on the same platform as the task plan.

  • Constraint-related data and files easily linked to tasks.

  • No space limitations within a digital format.

Weekly Work Planning:

  • Identify constraints
  • Look ahead window
  • Make work ready
  • Commit to remove constraints
  • Constraint log


Construction Weekly Work Planning Software

Benefits of going digital:

  • Alignment between weekly commitment and pulled phase plan, easily viewed and documented.

  • Easiest way to document a weekly work plan.

  • Weekly and daily commitments can be viewed by any project team member from anywhere on or off the jobsite.

Weekly Work Planning:

  • Reliable promising
  • Daily commitments
  • Tasks are defined, sequenced and sized to match capacity


Digital Planning Software

Benefits of going digital:

  • Daily huddles held in field are accurately documented in real time.

  • Last Planner System metrics are automatically calculated and displayed for the entire project team.

  • Information needed for learning how to improve planning and workflow is readily available and easy to understand.


  • Daily coordination
  • Capture metrics for rapid learning
  • Adjustments to plan to address new information and conditions

Bringing Together Three Major Trends: Lean, BIM and IoT

RefinemySite is the future of connected construction.

Our vision moving forward: Simply put, our vision is to revolutionize the industry as we know it. By leveraging the robust capabilities of RefinemySite, we plan to seamlessly integrate Lean, BIM, and IoT into a fully connected and cohesive construction ecosystem – in a way that was never thought possible before.

Lean Construction Collaboration Software Platform

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Construction Collaboration Software

At Bosch, we have over 100 years of experience empowering teams on the jobsite. And our expertise isn’t limited to power tools — we’re global leaders in technology with an emphasis on digital solutions, and we’re building a connected ecosystem for Lean, BIM and IoT. Here are some ways we support you:

  • 1:1 or group training
  • Support e-mail
  • 24/7 support directly with our team
  • Lean, LPS, Culture and RefinemySite workshop
  • Registration process support
  • Access to videos on our YouTube channel (quick tips)
  • Self-paced training
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